The WFPHA  General Assembly was a success with 18 members attending on-site and a very high response rate by members who could not be physically present to participate in the voting process.

Main Outcomes

1.      Elections

We are delighted to welcome Prof. Laetitia Rispel as the WFPHA's new president for the 2018- 2020 term and to announce that Prof. Walter Ricciardi was elected as Vice-President / President Elect for the 2018- 2020 term (vice-presidency)

Moreover the General Assembly has elected five new General Council members:

WFPHA extends a warm welcome to our new officers and GC members, and we look forward to working with you!

2.      New members

WFPHA GA has approved four new partners: Planetary Health Alliance, World Federation of Family Doctors (WONCA), World Heart Federation and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War as well as a new sustaining member, the European Public Health Alliance

WFPHA also welcomes our new members and partners. We look forward to working with every one of you!

  1. New policies

The GA adopted two new resolutions:

Additionally our statement Global strategy and action plan on public health, innovation and intellectual property has been accepted among the official documents of the 71 World Health Assembly and read by Dr. Deborah Walker (APHA) on behalf of WFPHA

  1. Strategic Plan: the GA adopted unanimously the WFPHA next Strategic plan available here

For a more information on the General Assembly, meeting Minutes, reports from the working groups and regions, as well as presentations by our members, please refer the WFPHA official website and to our Annual Report